Different Methods to Dry Flowers

Flowers are lovely, and they add a little extra spice to your home. The only downside is they can’t stay fresh forever. They tend to wilt away in a few days. Drying flowers is an excellent way to conserve them for later use on various things in the house. After you buy flowers Dubai, they can only retain their freshness for up to a week before they wilt away. Here are ways to dry your flowers.

Drying by Hanging

The best style to dry flowers is by hanging them facing downwards. This is quick and reliable and all you need to do is bundle your flowers up at the stem and find a dry place and hang them. You can use cloth hangers and place them in your wardrobe or a wire. This method may take weeks and some petals will fall so you need to pick them up. This system also helps process the stems so you can use them too.

Drying by Pressing

If you have fewer flowers, a great way to dry them is by pressing them. This is simple and easy and all you will need is a book. Place your flowers on different pages of a book, close the book and stack it with other books. It will likely take some weeks for the flowers to dry. You can use these flowers for picture frames or customized jewelry.

Dry Them in The Microwave

If you have limited time, there is a way to dry your flowers faster, the microwave is an excellent option. Put flowers in a microwaveable container, you may cover them with silica sand mixture for great results. Detach the stems from the flowers and don’t close the container. Place them inside the microwave for a minute and examine if they have dried, if they haven’t, continue to put them back for another minute and check again. After they dry, leave them out for 24 hours, so they can completely dry.

In Conclusion

The method you choose depends on the quantity of flowers you have, the time you have, and what you want to use them for. After drying flowers, store them away from sunlight and heat as it may destroy them. You can use these techniques to dry any flower of your choice!