How to Get Permanent Residency of Grenada?

Are you planning to gain second citizenship through investment programs? There are some lucrative global opportunities that you can grab in this regard, if you have a proper strategy. Grenada is a lovely country where you can take advantage of such opportunities. You would be able to invest in the sectors that bring you long term profits. There is no major risk involved.

There are certain crucial steps you should follow to get the Grenada permanent residence. You need to comply with the regulations of the country if you don’t want any administrative hassles.

The Age Factor

You need to prove that your age is at least 18 years. You need to file relevant documents in order to prove your claim about the age. You can show the authorities a valid birth certificate.

You Should Be in Sound Health

In order to obtain permanent residence in Grenada, you need to exhibit a sound health to the concerned authorities. The authorities do a thorough check-up of your health before granting you the documents that help you in getting residency in the nation. Having good health is a step forward in filing your application for the residency program.

Having the Requisite Amount of Funds

It is obvious that you need to show the requisite credentials of owning funds as per the rules of the administration in order to gain permanent residency of Grenada. When you are able to show the funds, the process of granting you residency is expedited. You don’t face any issues in getting your desired residency in the country.

A Clean Police Certificate

A clean certificate from police authorities is also required if you want no hassles during the process of applying for the residency. You should have a clean background.

A Valid Medical Certificate

If you want to prove the sound conditions of your health, then you need to produce a medical certificate from a credible source. A licensed doctor or a medical institute is the apt source in this regard. You must source the document from such a source and present it to the administration of Grenada.

Contribution to the National Fund

You should contribute a requisite amount of money to the National Transformation Fund of Grenada in order to get residency. It would help to process your application. You would not face any hurdles in getting your residency in Grenada.

Financial Certificates

It is wise to have your financial credentials in place while filing for the application. They strengthen your process of applying to the concerned authorities in Grenada.

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