Keep Your Animals Safe with These Vet Product Shopping Tips

While shopping for veterinary products in Dubai for disinfection purposes, take into account the age of your pet and the disease you wish to ward off. Viruses, for instance, are common in felines and fur friends, and thus often a significant concern. Ringworms are equally deadly and should be kept away from pregnant mothers and infants. You would need two different products for the younger ones and the adults in such a case. Here are some disinfectant options to remember to make informed purchasing decisions.

The Ideal Time to Use Bleach

Bleach an ideal agent for dealing with parvovirus. You’d only need an ounce per gallon. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reach the organic matter. It will only sterilize surfaces with fat and stool. However, it can’t reach to where the virus is. Four ounces is enough to annihilate fungi. But there is a heavy price to pay; your animal may get some severe skin irritation.

Disinfectant for Killing Fungi

To get rid of fungi, you need chlorhexidine solution, which is suitable for both kittens and puppies. Spray the solution every day in nest boxes. Ringworms are a common threat to kittens. Apart from this, it can also be used to kill any bacteria formed on their skin.

What Makes A Good Vet Product?

Comprehensive Serviceability

You should shop for vet products that can disinfect, clean, and refresh at a go without pre-clean or rinse. While there is a part for cleaning because materials tend to clog over time, the main goal is to find an effective vet product in Dubai that will function effectively regardless of pre-cleaning or rinsing.

Facility Sparing

The product you buy should be compatible with other materials used in animal care such as carbon steel, galvanized steel, copper, etcetera. You don’t want to buy a disinfectant that will hurt your animal or your equipment.


Because you will be purchasing plenty of disinfectants over time, choose an ecofriendly product. Most pet owners, for instance, don’t know how environmentally dangerous some veterinary products are.
While bleach is great at killing parvovirus, it can be dangerous if it reacts with carcinogenic products, which isn’t good for the environment. So, make sure to check the ingredients in the products carefully before you make any purchase.

Pleasant Smell

When shopping for vet products, consider one with a decent smell. If a product has an odor that irritates you, be sure it will do the same to your animal won’t like it. Naturally, animals have higher smelling ability than human beings. The odor will cause stress to your animal.


You want to buy a disinfectant that is gentle on your animal and yourself. However, safety conflicts efficiency. So, the secret is to balance.

Puppy Syndrome

When using animal disinfectants, read the instructions carefully. The fading puppy syndrome and kitten syndrome are primarily caused by toxins.

So, leverage the above tips when shopping for f10 products in Dubai and balance your needs and what is available on the market, as much as you can.