Resistance Band Mistakes to Avoid

As stated earlier, there are several reasons why people go to the gym. Either to keep their fitness in check, to lose some weight or even for health reasons

such as maintaining blood sugar level, maintaining a good blood pressure and so much more. Regardless of the reasons that take you to the gym, it is also very important to do the gym activities right so you don’t end up wasting Precious time and energy. Elastic band exercise is a good way to stretch your muscles and increase blood flow to the body. Below are 5 elastic band mistakes you shouldn’t make. If you are still not sure how to go about the elastic band exercise, contact Stamina 11 Gymnastics today to help you out.

Don’t Clean It Often

Like all other equipment, if you don’t clean the elastic band after use, it will definitely wear faster and spoil faster. It doesn’t take much work to clean an elastic band after use. A mixture of water and soap will do just fine. Also, always hang the band after use to leave it in a relaxed state. These simple steps will make you avoid the mistake that will ruin your band.

Being Inconsistent

In exercise, being consistent is one of the most important tips. It is easy to give excuses why you can’t go to the gym or why you can’t exercise. People tend to make the mistake of procrastinating. When it comes to elastic band exercise, be sure to maintain a routine regardless of what might come up, except for extreme cases. If you have to take a long trip, be sure to pack your elastic band along with you to avoid inconsistency.

Focusing on One Joint More Than the Others

This is a very common mistake whilst exercising. It is very important that all parts of your body related to that particular exercise get equal treatment. This is to enable even distribution of blood flow. While doing the band exercise, make sure to treat all parts as equal otherwise you will experience continuous fatigue which will deter you from further exercises.

Not Using It the Right Way

A lot of people make the mistake of doing one particular thing and expecting different results. While doing the elastic band exercise, bear in mind that you need to do it in different styles. There are various things you can use the band for like: stretching, sport drills, power motions and much more. Don’t do the mistake of doing just the power motions or any other type specifically.

Not Making Full Use

While you are doing exercises, it is very important to have fun. This makes the whole routine less stressful and will make you look forward to each session. As much as exercises can be strenuous, the best way to keep at it is to develop a way to have fun as you do it.